Digital Courses

DigiClass allows courses with online teaching materials to be linked so that one student can have full and instant access to any course at any time any where.

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Digital Classroom

DigiClass at its core, not only does the teacher have a complete overview of each student class, they also control around the classroom looking down at each students.

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Digital Learning

Students and teachers can access their resources directly from the classroom without the hassle and have as much power and resources of the Internet at their fingertips.

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Digital Updates

Over the last decade, the classroom has become increasingly digital. No longer are teachers and students sticking to the tradition “pen and paper” learning methods.

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DigiClass  Network

( Empowering   Learning   Though   Technology )

Digital Learning Network

Digital Classroom is an online Free Digital Learning Network with the integration of Google and Edmodo. Teacher/Educator created Digital Classroom with the intention of promoting openness, innovation, and networks in education and to give back to the academic community.


e-Learning Education

Digiclass is a multimedia based interactive teaching solution that combines state-of-art hardware with syllabi-compliant content. This empowers teachers to transform traditional blackboard-and-chalk classrooms into interactive sessions. So that children understand concepts better and retain them longer.


Innovation & Integration

Digiclass is Integrated with pre-loaded content, teacher training and computer certification. Our services are designed to provide the right amount of support you need to expand your reach, experiment with new technologies and integrations, and innovate with new pedagogies regardless of whether you are educators or schools.


DigiClass Platform
every start-up creates a vision and then realizes that their customers may need something different from the vision. Our vision of a completely integrated digital revolutionary at the time and we provide an education management network. However, we realized that many schools may not be able or allowed to implement all of our full digital classroom. Some schools need and implement the require classroom or modules as you need them. It’s free to try and free to use, so the best way to learn is to give us a try!” Today you will be one of growing who are using our digital classroom in the passed or so, so you will not be alone.

DigiClass Courses
provides NCERT as syllabus by default and thereafter that classroom allows a teacher to set its own courses. Once created the teacher can create assignments which can be in the form of homework, papers, tests, quizzes, participation, etc. Each assignment can be given a weight, a description, a file attachment, a common core reference, a due date, and allow the student the ability to be submit the assignment on-line. The assignments populate the students calendar, tell the student what materials they will need to bring home and is the basis for the grade that will be issued. Students, Teachers and Schools all have the ability to see each assignment.

DigiClass Mission
will change the education information world by providing students everywhere with a superior educational experience. DigiClass will allow all schools and teachers the ability to present and prove through demonstrable and quantifiable metrics that they are providing their students with an excellent education and that their schools comply with the highest standards of education.

DigiClass Goal
is to provide schools, students, teachers and parents with an easy-to-use interface that provides them with management tools for classrooms, lessons, assignments and course presentations.

DigiClass Network
as we all know the world is getting social network, there is hardly any space left where social media yet to reached. This is a platform where you can make a long term association either with a company or a person. Undoubtedly websites like Google Classroom, Facebook workplace and Youtube has helped us to create a brand new identity for network. We at DigiClass offers top notch quality of education online services to the precious customers of Delhi. Our team of onlineinks your ideas and conceptualizes them into reality utilizing most leading platforms of the modern world.

DigiClass Support
a network of technical support consultants, who are using our digiclass for schools. These technical support consultants add value beyond our digiclass implementation, local training and local support. Our digiclass is free. However, we anticipate other that these partners will charge a fair fee for the value that they provide to the school. digiclass does not authorize outsider any person to charge a fee for our free digiclass as a provided to schools. If you would like to contact us with your registered email address or we make a recommendation at

About Us

National Institute of Digital India (NIDI) run by Jagriti Navdisha Foundation is a Education Society for Individual, Group, Community with the aim of creating better tomorrow by Social Development, Development or Empowerment of Children Technical Education, Digital Rural Upliftment by the cooperation of mutual help. NIDI is cooperated for development of Computer Education Centre in rural India. NIDI is the main aim behind running the Institute is to bring digitally revolutions in India by delivering the foundation of computer education.

National Insitute of Digital India operates as a Digital India program for India Development project under the umbrella of Jagriti Navdisha Foundation. The purpose is for NIDI programs to provide sustainable and successful project models for replication and ownership by the local communities, raising computer knowledge and computer employment upgrading basic services basically in rural area, as well as to the middle society and communities.

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